Monday, March 22, 2010


I hate doctors for making us feel that we HAVE to have them RIGHT now, or our babies will die a horrible death of diseases that have been treated successfully for years now, but then they tell you in the next breath "Well, if you really want to wait, it's ok, I guess, it's really just up to you." I hate activist groups for making me feel that if I DO give my baby shots, he'll get autism, and live an awful life, and I'm an awful mother for allowing such chemicals into my baby~ not to mention all of the cruel and inhumane ways they come up with the shots in the first place...
Doctors~ You went to medical school. You know SO much more about my baby's insides and how they work and about the shots and how they affect the system than I do. That being said, I stay at home with my little guy, he's got limited exposure to the outside world, and I'm ok with giving him shots~ just in my OWN time. Besides that, I KNOW him better than you do, so trust me when I say anything over 2 shots at a time is too much!!! There's no rush to give him the 30+ shots in the first two years!!! Can't we spread this out just a little bit? I'm a very attached parent, who freaks over every runny nose, every spot, so, I promise to stay on top of his symptoms if he happens to come down with say, the measles, so that you can treat him early, I promise!!! And if I only want 2 shots at every visit, so that our next few days (yes, I said DAYS, because it does take THAT long for my little guy to get over shots) are better, then LET me COME BACK in a couple of weeks to get the other two shots!!! My insurance pays for it, again, I promise!!! I checked!!! (I'm lucky in this department~ if they didn't I wouldn't have a problem taking him to the health department~ especially since Doctors LOSE money on vaccinations anyway!!!)
Activist Groups~ How dare you put these doubts in our heads with such LITTLE research!!! You have NO IDEA what you are talking about (at least according to the doctors, and they have the degree to back them up...) I have read Dr.Sears, and I have looked into the "links" and the possible side effects that each shot MAY cause my little guy. The percentages are SO LOW to cause such a public uproar!!! That being said, if you ARE one of the small percentage, my heart goes out to you. How awful! I can't imagine. I just simply can't. What a high gamble, even if the percentages are low, but if you are the one in the million, that is too high.

Bottom line, there HAS to be MORE RESEARCH for shots in children. There just simply hasn't been enough to determine how to eliminate that final small percentage of serious side effects. There are good things about having your children immunized. Very good things. There just has to be LESS RISK, even better NO RISK for parents to feel better about giving their child SO MANY shots in the first two years of life. There has to be a better way!!! That is what I am praying for~ a better way to keep our little ones healthy.


  1. Beth - if u read the mommy blog "Dear Baby" you'll find that she really supports delayed vaccines (FYI I majorily have the baby fever right now so I read a lot of baby blogs :) Might help to know you've got some other moms in the same situation as you!

  2. Baby Fever is a good thing! Makes you ready for the baby... sometimes! : )
    Thanks for the info. I kind of had an idea that I wasn's alone, because I've had several different doctors get this look of "Oh, you're one of THOSE mom's" and get this glazed look on their face as they go into their rehearsed speeches about how shots are perfectly fine, but "if you really want to wait"...
    The fact that I'm not alone almost makes me more mad, because if there are so many parents out there that feel the same way, there should be something done about it, no? Makes me want to start a nonprofit to do research on immunizations, if I knew where to start...

    (PS~ Good luck on the baby fever, and if you'd like some reccomendations on reading material, I'd be happy to send you some... : )