Saturday, March 20, 2010

Enjoying every moment

Today there are alot of different things going on in my mind, so this may be a little scatter brained... : )
I have read too many times in other blogs about parents "regretting not spending more time with their kids" or regretting not "appreciating the time that you do have with them more." There is time and time again that I hear that time goes by so quickly when it comes to little ones, and that if you don't really stop and smell the roses, so to speak, and do it often, it's gone.
If you can't stop doing the dishes or laundry long enough to play with your child, something is out of whack. I may not always have the cleanest house, but I have tried to actually stop and actually spend time with Daniel. This is not an always thing (like it should be). This doesn't always happen everyday. But, I do try to reconize the moments that he just wants a hug, or to be held for just a moment to see what I am up to, or to just play or dance with me for a minute. Especially when they are little, their attention span is so small, that they are on to the next thing so quickly, and you can be back to the dishes, or laundry, or dinner in no time flat.
This takes practice, too. It can't neccessarily be scheduled.
"All right, I can pencil you in for a hug between lunch and nap, how does 12:45 sound to you?"
It happens when a certian song comes on the radio or the tv... or a certian smell of something baking... It's feelings.
The house will get clean... someday. The jeans can be washed tomorrow. The dishes can sit just a couple more hours, there's no real harm. The baby will not stop growing. The baby will not be there forever. Life doesn't stop happening so that you can clean the toliet.
Believe me, this is just as much for me, as a reminder, than for anyone else. There are so many times that I can't wait for naptime or bedtime so I can just get this one thing done... But, in the long run, what matters? Clean dishes, or the love that you are able to show to your litttle one? Or the memories of dancing in the living room together, before they could even walk?
Here is hoping that there are many more memories to come and to cherish!

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  1. going for mother of the year, are we?