Monday, March 1, 2010

Finally starting this!!!

Well, after reading many other friend's and other mommy blogs... I thought there might be something that I could add to the mix! : )
I am a mother of Daniel, who is 18 months and is just amazing! I love him with all my heart... and mainly because he reminds me of his Daddy, who I also love with all my heart.
I guess I should start at the beginning...
I met my husband in high school. We've been dating ever since, and I think we may have had one good real fight in our whole 10+ years now of dating. I love him with everything I've got. He takes such good care of me and now our son, I am SO blessed by him!
Well, after 6 years of dating, we get married. It was amazing, and one of the best days of my life. : ) (with many more to follow, thanks to my wonderful husband!) Everyone told my mom how happy I looked at the wedding, and that was an awesome compliment! Looking back at the pictures (isn't it funny how there is ALWAYS someone taking your picture on your wedding day???) there isn't a one where I'm not smiling. Like I said, one of the best days of my life!
Fast forward 4 more years, and we have a baby... a wonderful, loving, cuddly, BEAUTIFUL (if I do say so myself!: ) Baby Boy! I am a very happy stay at home momma trying to figure out how she can stay at home for the rest of her life! : )
I've read ALOT of parenting books... I've had lots of experience with little ones, but I've only been a mommy for 18 months as of today, so I know I've got ALOT to learn! I'm trusting for guidance from God, family, and friends... not to mention the ever so wonderful "mommy network" as I call it! I'm the kind that loves input. I may not always take the advice, but I do remember it, promise Mom and Dad! ; )
I hope for this to help you connect more with a Mommy Network of your own... but I'll be willing to bet money that this will help me more than anyone else!

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