Saturday, August 13, 2011

Back to Parenting

Since the last time I have written, I have had another baby boy and am engrossed in parenting again.
There are several things that I get to work through with you guys, as I try to figure out what is working and not working for my family.
My oldest has been giving me a run for my money (appropriate, I guess, since the new little one is seriously the easiest baby I have ever had contact with!)
Today, I'm having problems with disciple. How much is too much for an almost 3 year old. What kind of expectations can be honestly put on a little guy, without driving you both nuts. I know there is A LOT to temperament. Some kids are just naturally happy to stay at your feet and sit nicely (or so I hear). My son is not. And, honestly, I’m ok with that.
I love that he is adventurous. I love that he is outspoken and his own person (already). I think these things will be great for him (when he’s an adult) but how do you deal with this until then? How do you keep him from becoming a bad adult because he didn’t learn to respect authority?
I don’t want to “break” his spirit, just maybe bend it a little. ; ) I want him to sit with me in church. I want him to stand next to me in stores, and be able to stand in a line. I want him to sit in a restaurant for a decent amount of time and eat without getting up after 2 minutes. Will this stuff that will just come to him as he gets older, or is this something that must be taught? What are reasonable expectations from a three year old? These are my goals for the near future, and I’ll keep this as my little journal to help me through this time. (Did I mention we are potty training now AND getting rid of the passy on top of all this?)
Poor little guy… a lot is going on in his life.
I guess I need to help him get used to it. : )

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